Why Is the Use of Mouthguard Essential for Optimal Oral Health?

Why Is the Use of Mouthguard Essential for Optimal Oral Health?

July 1, 2023

Mouthguards serve different purposes and help treat conditions affecting your teeth, such as bruxism and sleep apnea. These appliances can also protect your mouth from sports-related injuries. You can purchase mouthguards from drugstores or sports goods stores or have them customized for you by a dentist in Kingston.

Mouthguards Explained

Mouthguards are dental instruments that help protect your teeth, and dentists recommend them for many reasons because of the various types of devices. Mouthguards can help children and adults alike. Most mouthguards are designed to fit over the upper teeth. However, you may also receive a recommendation from your dentist for a mouthguard for your lower teeth.

How Do Mouthguards Help?

Dentists recommend mouthguards for different reasons. For example, you might need a night guard if you grind and clench your teeth, which bruxism can cause, become involved in contact sporting activities like football, basketball, soccer, or boxing, and often participate in activities like gymnastics, biking, or ice skating.

Your dentist might recommend a night guard if you snore when sleeping because the condition results from sleep apnea or TMJ disorders, which results in severe jaw pain and other symptoms.

When you adhere to your dentist’s recommendations to use a mouthguard for teeth grinding, it helps protect your teeth from damage and dental treatments that might need expensive cosmetic therapy to restore them and prevent unnecessary complications.

The Role of Night Guards in Protecting Teeth from Bruxism and TMJ Disorders

Bruxism is a disorder that makes you clench and grind your teeth to damage them and cause enamel erosion. Frequently grinding your teeth also makes them sensitive and prone to fractures and breakage, making you need treatments from a cosmetic dentist to restore your teeth with dental veneers or crowns.

Dentists recognize the signs of bruxism when you visit them for your six-monthly appointments during the examination. They recommend wearing a night guard for bruxism to help prevent the damage your teeth sustain. Night guards separate your teeth from contacting each other when sleeping to avoid injury and protect your teeth.

You will benefit from wearing night guards if you are affected by a TMJ disorder that arises from bruxism or other issues like an improper bite, arthritis in the joint, or dislocation of the disk between your jaw and the socket joint. Besides causing jaw pain, TMJ disorders also result in headaches, earaches, clicking and popping sounds in the jaw joint when you try to open and close your mouth, et cetera.

Dentists recommend dental appliances fitting over your upper and lower teeth to relieve the discomfort from TMJ disorders and to correct your bite by placing your jaw in a favorable position. After assessing your condition and conducting various examinations, your dentist will decide which appliance best suits your needs.

Mouthguard in Preventing Dental Problems and Maintaining Oral Health During Sleep

If you are recommended night guards for sleeping, it indicates your teeth exhibit signs of damage resulting from bruxism. When you accept your dentist’s recommendations to wear a night guard when you sleep, you prevent dental problems from occurring in your mouth from the teeth grinding and jaw clenching and avoid expensive treatments from dentists by protecting your teeth with a customized dental appliance created explicitly for your mouth by the dentist.

If you are involved in contact with sporting activities, impacts on your mouth can break or fracture your teeth, making you visit an emergency dentist to receive treatments when you least expect them. Instead, if you consider wearing a mouthguard in Forty Fort customized by a dentist for you, the appliance helps you to avoid dental injuries that might need repairs from emergency dentists or even replacements of your natural teeth with artificial solutions costing you thousands of dollars.

Your oral health also benefits when you wear an oral appliance when sleeping, especially if you snore and the condition awakens your roommate or bed partner. Snoring results from sleep apnea, which causes your throat muscles to relax when sleeping and repeatedly wake you for brief moments during the night. If left untreated, sleep apnea can become a life-threatening condition, making it essential to seek treatment from a sleep medicine specialist and your dentist to receive a mouthguard to maintain oral and general health.

Mouthguards and night guards are excellent instruments that help protect your teeth and general health if affected by issues like sleep apnea. Therefore, oral health benefits from using a mouthguard, whether when playing sports or sleeping, by preventing dental injuries and problems that require expensive treatments from dentists.

NEPA Dental West suggests many patients wear mouthguards or night guards to protect their oral health because of conditions like bruxism, TMJ disorders, and sleep apnea. If you are affected by these conditions, schedule an appointment with them to receive your customized mouthguard to safeguard your oral and general health.

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