Why Is Professional Teeth Whitening Important?

Why Is Professional Teeth Whitening Important?

February 1, 2022

Are you looking to have the bright smile you constantly desired and have decided to get your teeth whitened? You may be on the lookout for the best methods to achieve your goal for an important event or special occasion. Your urgency confirms you are looking for instant results and don’t want to waste time on remedies that might not work.

Walking around the aisles of convenience stores and drugstores, you might notice many products advertised and making stupendous claims they can whiten your teeth in a day. Unfortunately, no product available in the market delivers results instantly unless you use the brand over an extended period. Therefore you must decide not to fall for claims made by brands because you are not likely to succeed in your goal to have brighter teeth as you desire.

If you need your teeth whitened for a special occasion or event and want instant results, the only option available to you is to seek professional teeth whitening in Forty Fort, PA, where you can get brighter teeth in a single appointment. If you are scared of dental visits and frequently rule out routine visits, now is the time for you to gather courage and visit a dental professional to have your teeth whitened.

What Makes Professional Teeth Whitening Important?

Professional teeth whitening treatments are not over-the-counter remedies available for everyone. When you visit a dentist to whiten your teeth, the treatment you receive is customized explicitly for you. Forty Fort Dentist ensure your teeth and gum health are in optimal condition before they recommend in-office whitening procedures to deliver instant results.

If tooth decay or gum disease affects you, forty fort dentist will not offer teeth whitening treatments unless you have the infections treated. You also receive dental cleaning to remove plaque and tartar deposits on your teeth, also contributing to discoloration.

Finally, dentists also discuss the price of the whitening treatment from them, which costs more dollars than home teeth whitening remedies. Dentists provided teeth whitening treatments are safe and effective and are managed by a professional with comprehensive knowledge about dental anatomy. When you have your teeth whitened using professional teeth whitening procedures, you are assured of guaranteed results that allow you to show off your teeth when you smile gleefully.

What Is Involved during Professional Teeth Whitening?

As described earlier, when you schedule your appointment for professional teeth whitening, the dentist doesn’t whiten your teeth but bleaches your teeth using hydrogen or carbamide peroxide over your teeth for the removal of extrinsic and intrinsic stains. Concentrated teeth bleaching ingredients help the dentist provide the results you desire in approximately an hour or more, depending on the colors on your teeth.

When starting the treatment, the dentist protects the soft tissue in your mouth using cheek retractors and a rubber dam to ensure the whitening ingredients do not cause sensitivity. You receive four applications of the whitening ingredient with heat and light assisting the dentist in accelerating the process. Every 15 minutes, you must rinse your mouth for a fresh application. The hydrogen peroxide removes external and internal staining on your teeth without causing any damages to your mouth.

When you prefer professional teeth whitening, the dentist supervises the entire treatment to ensure nothing goes wrong or doesn’t work during the treatment. You rinse your mouth again at the end of the hour and receive fluoride treatment and desensitizing toothpaste if you experience any sensitivity. If you are unhappy with the results, the dentist recommends you return for another session or try teeth whitening trays with gel dispensed by them to whiten your teeth at home. If you accept the suggestion, the dentist impressions your mouth to create customized trays and provide them with gel and instructions on how and when to use them. The trays are explicitly designed for your mouth and will likely not cause any sensitivity when you try to maintain your in-office teeth whitening results with at-home trays. Professional teeth whitening treatments whiten your teeth by three to eight shades in one appointment with the dentist in Forty Fort, PA.

As you leave the dentist’s office with a gleaming smile, please do not assume the results of in-office teeth whitening will last forever. The sooner you begin your regular habits of having pigmented foods or beverages and continue with lifestyle habits like smoking, the discoloration returns on your teeth, making you prone to receive additional treatments from the dentist in Forty Fort, PA.

After you get your teeth whitened, you must limit or refrain from habits like smoking or consuming excessive tea, coffee, red wine, et cetera. However, if you ever need teeth whitening treatments again, do not consider over-the-counter remedies or treatments offered by non-dental professionals who can damage your teeth and gums instead of giving you a brighter smile you desire.

Teeth whitening treatments are provided by most dentists. However, if you have challenges finding a dental facility, we recommend contacting NEPA Dental West to have your teeth whitened safely and effectively.

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