Emergency Dentistry in Forty Fort, PA

If you have ever unexpectedly suffered an injury to your mouth or developed an intense toothache, then you understand the importance of emergency dentistry in Forty Fort, PA. Our dentist understands that dental emergencies are as likely to arise outside of business hours as they are to happen during standard office hours. At NEPA Dental West, we are committed to your overall oral health and wellness, including offering emergency dental services with Dr. Robert Kester when you need them. If you find yourself in a critical situation with your teeth or gums, our office staff is prepared to help.

Getting Dental Emergency Treatment

Many people are reluctant about getting emergency treatment for dental problems outside regular office hours, or they are unsure how to go about securing proper emergency dental services in a critical situation. Unfortunately, this hesitation can result in greater complications to a patient’s oral health. Therefore, it’s essential to have our emergency contact information ready for Dr. Robert Kester so that you are prepared to get the dental care you need when you need it.

Examples of Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency is a situation in which a patient’s oral health and/or wellness are at risk. This would include unexpected oral bleeding or swelling, intense and persistent tooth pain, or signs of oral infection or abscess. Sudden tooth loss due to injury or trauma to the mouth, or teeth that are suddenly chipped, cracked, or broken due to mouth injury, are also examples of dental emergencies. It’s important that patients seek proper oral health care as soon as possible in a dental emergency. This will prevent worsening of conditions or further oral health complications in the long term.

At NEPA Dental West, we hope that you and your family don’t face any dental emergencies. However, we offer emergency dentistry services near you for those who need it. Our dentist as well as our entire dental care team are committed to restoring your oral health and wellness if you require immediate care and treatment. Contact our emergency dental care to make sure you are up to date and prepared for emergency dentistry.

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