Dental Implants in Forty Fort, PA

Dealing with tooth loss can be a real struggle for many people. Losing some or all of your teeth can impact your self-esteem and quality of life in ways you may not expect. One solution that many patients look for is dental implant treatment. Our dentist helps you to restore your missing teeth with dental implants near you, though; Nepa Dental West is here to handle all of your vital dentistry needs, including restoration with tooth implants.

Dental Implant Options

When replacing missing teeth with dental implants, you have a couple of options to choose from based on your individual needs. Nepa Dental West is your dentist for all your implant needs.

Single Tooth Implants

If you’re missing a single tooth or even a couple of individual teeth while the rest remain healthy and intact, you are likely a good candidate for single-tooth implants.

There are many benefits to a single implant. Firstly, they don’t require as much work or recovery as full-mouth implants. Second, it is an excellent way to fill in gaps in your teeth that may have occurred due to an accident or injury without having to worry about dental appliances that can break or come out.

Full Mouth Dental Implants

Dental implants can give your smile back with a few different full-mouth dental implant options if you’ve suffered traumatic tooth loss where you’ve lost most or all of your teeth.

Full-mouth dental implants work a little differently than single-tooth implants. Full mouth restoration works to restore one tooth arch at a time.

While the installation procedure is typically the same, more work is involved. The dentist in Kingston may need to remove any remaining teeth to prevent complications with the new implants. Additionally, if the patient does not have enough jawbone density, a bone graft may be necessary before the implants can be installed.

This can dramatically increase the time it takes to complete the whole process, but the implants provide a permanent tooth loss solution once complete.

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