Dental Bridges in Forty Fort, PA

A dental bridge is an apparatus designed to replace a missing tooth in a patient’s mouth. This is an important restorative procedure so that patients who have experienced tooth loss can regain full oral function. If you are missing one or more teeth, our dentist in Kingston offers dental bridges in Forty Fort, PA as a solution. At NEPA Dental West, we are dedicated to your full oral health, including providing dental bridges to replace missing teeth.

Why Replace a Missing Tooth with a Dental Bridge?

Tooth loss, even a single missing tooth, can interfere with a patient’s oral function. A missing tooth leaves an empty socket and a tooth gap. When this happens, nearby permanent teeth often shift in the mouth to fill the gap. This can disrupt the structure of the upper and/or lower jaw as well as interfere with tooth alignment. In turn, this can affect the way a patient eats, chews, and speaks.

In addition, when patients have a visible tooth gap, this often results in social discomfort. This can cause a reluctance to smile and lowered self-confidence. Therefore, it’s important to replace a missing tooth with a tooth bridge to restore a patient’s oral appearance as well as their healthy-looking and confident smile.

How Does a Dental Bridge Work?

A dental bridges work by fitting a replacement, or prosthetic, tooth in between two dental crowns. The crowns are placed on the teeth located on either side of the tooth gap caused by the missing tooth. The prosthetic tooth, “bridged” by the dental crowns, fits into the empty socket and eliminates the tooth gap. As a result, the patient’s oral function is restored as well as their oral appearance.

Are you ready to return to full oral function after losing a permanent tooth? Our dental care team has solutions. If you require dental bridges near you, contact our dentist. Dr. Robert Kester and our professional staff at NEPA Dental West will ensure your comfort during the process of creating, fitting, and placing your dental bridge. Schedule an appointment with our office. We look forward to seeing you!

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