How to Know When You Need a Tooth Filling?

How to Know When You Need a Tooth Filling?

September 1, 2022

Tooth fillings are dental restorations involving tooth decay removal to restore the affected tooth. You might need a dental cap or root canal if your tooth has severe damage. However, those procedures are entirely different.

When undergoing processes to receive a dental crown, you can consider it an extensive filling that entirely encases the tooth. On the other hand, if you undergo a root canal, you might receive temporary tooth fillings to seal the access hole made by the dentist to access your infected or inflamed dental pulp or removal.

If you are trying to assess how to understand whether you need fillings in a tooth, the best method for you is to get dental exams and cleanings frequently to ensure tooth decay doesn’t get out of control. Still, wonder whether you need a dental filling in Forty Fort, PA? Here are some indicators that you do.


Toothaches are the most common indicators that you might need fillers. However, sensitivity to temperatures, pressure, or sweetened foods also indicates the need for a dental filling. Eventually, if you experience unexpected throbbing pain when chewing or biting, it is also an indicator that you need a filling.

Noticeable Signs Indicating the Need for Fillings

Occasionally you might notice signs such as dark spots on your teeth, a visible hole you can see or feel on your teeth, food remaining trapped between specific teeth, a broken, chipped, or rough tooth besides broken and lost fillings are indicators that suggest you need dental fillings. In addition, when using this tool for plaque removal, you might also experience dental floss tearing in specific spots.

Cavities are a significant reason for dental fillings. However, fractured teeth are also repaired with tooth-colored composite resin fillers. These fillers slow or prevent additional tooth decay and damage.

Tooth Crazing

Craze lines can sometimes appear on the teeth. The vertical lines are cracks in the tooth enamel from the stress placed on the tooth. The craze lines can arise because of issues like TMJ disorders, clenching and grinding teeth, biting fingernails, et cetera. Regardless of the reason, the cracks darken the appearance of the teeth over time. Fortunately, the dentist providing dental fillings in Forty Fort, PA, restores your tooth by covering the craze lines using a tooth-colored composite resin material to make your teeth appear beautiful. This kind of dental filling is also called cosmetic dental bonding.

Worn Teeth

The natural aging process also causes your teeth to wear down, darken the biting edges and make them look ungainly. The damage to the teeth from wearing down can also occur from bruxism, also called teeth grinding. Bruxism can lead to chipping to damage the teeth further.

When you visit your dentist with worn-down teeth, the dentist might suggest restoring the specific tooth with tooth-colored bonding to repair the surfaces. In addition, the fillings enhance your chewing and biting ability. After restoring your tooth, you can consider using a customized night guard to protect your teeth and the fillers from additional damage.

Do You Need Dental Fillings?

As mentioned earlier, the optimal way to determine whether you need fillings is to schedule regular appointments with your dentist to identify and restore your teeth if the professional detects decay or damage immediately. Avoiding dental fillings allows your mouth bacteria to create further deterioration in the tooth, eventually affecting the dental pulp.

Dental pulp infections require endodontic treatment and a dental crown costing over $ 1000 for the procedure and the restoration. The process is intensive, requiring multiple visits to your dentist in Forty Fort, PA and weeks before you can have your tooth restored to its former condition.

If you schedule six monthly appointments with your dentist, they can identify tooth decay and cavities to recommend fillers when the damage isn’t significant. You can also keep an eye on the symptoms described in this article and contact your dentist immediately whenever you experience any signs.

Dentists aim to repair and restore teeth with cavities or damage caused by tooth decay and injuries. If left untreated, the hole or cracks in the tooth enamel can cause severe problems. In addition, when you visit your dentist, they can create a prevention plan to ensure you never need root canals or tooth extractions by providing dental fillings in a timely whether to restore your teeth.

If you experience the symptoms described, please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with NEPA Dental West today to have your teeth repaired before additional damages occur. The therapy you receive prevents intensive procedures that might become necessary if you leave tooth decay and damage untreated.

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